JetBlue CEO Apologizes On YouTube

If you’ve been following JetBlue’s problems this past week, you know they have some work to do from a logistics and organization standpoint.
But from what I can see, they have handled PR crisis management perfectly. Here’s the CEO, David Neeleman (who’s already been on the Today show, among others):

If they follow through, they’ll be an even more admired brand than they already were.

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  1. Great blog! JetBlue seems to really understand the importance of using “new media” to get their message out. I have really been impressed by the way they have handled this situation from a PR standpoint.
    I had a great experience with JetBlue just this week and I wrote a blog entry about it. If you get a chance check it out!

  2. The entire DadLabs production crew recently spent 18 hours in the jetBlue terminal at JFK. It was Valentine’s Day.
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  3. The CEO was on Letterman last night. Kind of an odd booking I thought, but he did okay. Letterman was not as accomodating as he was with Michael Richards, though.