Jack’s Secret Weapon

LA Times features Santa Monica agency, Secret Weapon, today.
It seems the SW principals took VW’s sage advice to “Think Small” to heart.

The independent Secret Weapon, with 25 employees, has by design at most three clients at any given time.
“I have friends who run big agencies, with 20 clients, and there’s always a fire to be put out somewhere,” Sittig, Secret Weapon’s founder and creative director, said recently. “We’re right smack in the middle of our clients’ business instead of delegating.”
Right now, Secret Weapon has contracts with two companies: San Diego-based Jack in the Box Inc. and the Southern California Honda Dealers Assn.

Dick Sittig and Patrick Adams started Secret Weapon in 1997, when Sittig left ad giant TBWA/Chiat/Day with the Jack in the Box account in tow. He was joined by Adams, a former manager at El Segundo’s Team One Advertising, which handles ads for Lexus.

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  1. They have a nice site and the 3 client thing is a great hook.
    I should try that – that is about as many as I get at once anyway.