It’s Okay, Share A Laugh With Your Banker

TDA in Boulder has been one of my favorite ad shops for a long time. Here’s some new work from the agency for their client, First Bank.

Bill Green at Make the Logo Bigger isn’t wild about the campaign–he feels the copy is too telegraphic, for one thing. My own thoughts are this: banks are rarely willing to have fun, money being the serious subject that it is. Ergo, I commend First Bank and TDA for bringing the funny (the guy pretending to be a doctor is a funny spot in my book).
From a craft perspective, I like the set ups here. If a viewer knows it’s a bank ad up front, she’ll flee and fast. So you lull the viewer, take her on a short little journey with some freaky deak characters, and then BAM. You close hard with the product benefit.

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  1. They make you smile. When was the last time anything from a bank made you smile? I rest my case. 🙂