It’s Going To Take More Than A Blog To Make Windows Media Cool

from Scobelizer, Microsoft’s Geek Blogger: “Hi Bill. I’ve been thinking about how to make Windows Media cool. You know, cooler than wearing white headphone cords.
Open source the product development.
Start a weblog. NOW. Get the person who runs the team to start a blog. NOW. Or fire him/her. I’m serious. Make it as cool as the King Kong blog. Put EVERYTHING up on that blog. Videotape every meeting. Every design session. Write something every day.”

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  1. I’m not sure which fact I find more amazing. The fact that Scoble pitches Mr. Gates in such a voiciferous and public fashion. Or that he thinks Microsoft can out cool Apple.
    That he calls the richest man in America “Bill” and that he believes in blogs to a fault, I aslo find interesting, but not amazing.