It’s A Cup of Frozen Sugar

I often like Taco Bell’s advertising. But this latest spot from DraftFCB/Orange County doesn’t do it for me. Normally, I’d merely recognize that fact and pass on posting the commercial. I’m posting this one for one because I want to point out how lame the concept of a “breakation” is. Instead of forgoing a pay off and sticking with the Pina Colada song to the end, this spot suggest you, “Take a breakation. Part break, part vacation.”
I know times are tough and lots of people are opting for staycations this summer, but a trip to Taco Bell for a Pina Colada Freeze doesn’t equal a vacation of any sort. Saying it does, is absurd (not in a good way).

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  1. A phrase I’ve never seen or heard before: “I often like Taco Bell’s advertising.”
    I guess our tastes couldn’t be more different, as this is the only TB ad I’ve liked since the chihuahua.

  2. I don’t think they’re saying a pina colada thing is *equal* to a vacation, rather it elevates you coffee break to something more than a coffee break; to a breakation. While I agree with pnky that I’m no fan of the Bell or their advertising, it’s kinda clever.

  3. christina, did you write it? first, mickey d’s still owns break (as in, you deserve a break today). second, taco bell work sucks. ditto draftfcb. it’s often racist, frat boy bullshit. just my opinion, of course.