It’s A Cup of Frozen Sugar

I often like Taco Bell’s advertising. But this latest spot from DraftFCB/Orange County doesn’t do it for me. Normally, I’d merely recognize that fact and pass on posting the commercial. I’m posting this one for one because I want to point out how lame the concept of a “breakation” is. Instead of forgoing a pay off and sticking with the Pina Colada song to the end, this spot suggest you, “Take a breakation. Part break, part vacation.”
I know times are tough and lots of people are opting for staycations this summer, but a trip to Taco Bell for a Pina Colada Freeze doesn’t equal a vacation of any sort. Saying it does, is absurd (not in a good way).

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  • pinky

    A phrase I’ve never seen or heard before: “I often like Taco Bell’s advertising.”
    I guess our tastes couldn’t be more different, as this is the only TB ad I’ve liked since the chihuahua.

  • christina

    I don’t think they’re saying a pina colada thing is *equal* to a vacation, rather it elevates you coffee break to something more than a coffee break; to a breakation. While I agree with pnky that I’m no fan of the Bell or their advertising, it’s kinda clever.

  • ronald mcdonald

    christina, did you write it? first, mickey d’s still owns break (as in, you deserve a break today). second, taco bell work sucks. ditto draftfcb. it’s often racist, frat boy bullshit. just my opinion, of course.