It’s A Video World, And I Am A Video Girl

According to the 2011 Web Influencers Survey by D S Simon, the shift from textual or static communications to video communications by media websites is well underway.

In addition to paid advertising, publishers are looking toward brand integration opportunities to raise additional revenues. The study also found that nearly half (47 percent) of media websites now offer a mix of advertorial, product placement and paid content. Magazine sites were most aggressive in this area (68 percent), followed by radio (50 percent), web producers (47 percent), newspapers (45 percent), bloggers (40 percent) and TV (31 percent).

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  1. Antony-Sign Company says:

    I agree, now the competition to advertise and etc is by video communications. It’s easier for customers to actually see what they like and pay obviously..  alot of poeple can’t be asked going through things and reading and etc…