It Takes Brains

Brains on Fire has a new website and it’s well worth your click.
Not only is the design of the moment, the copy sings.
Here’s how they describe themselves:

We are a tribe of true believers…
Protagonists. Pirates. Optimists. Disco-junkies. Brutally honest superheroes. And if the walls come tumbling down tomorrow, no worries. We’ve still got this company we call Brains on Fire. Because we’ve still got our people.

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  1. Thanks for the love, David. We’re really excited about the new site and the way it pulls from social networking sites to populate the content. We also worked hard to keep what people liked about the old site (like the people section) and attempt to explain what we do in a different, clearer light.
    And BIG props to the FL-2 in Boulder, CO for all their hard work. It was their concept and they are the programming wizards that brought it all together!