Is Your Brand Ready For A Blogversation?

Blogversations are a new, not evil way to market your products and services through discussions. Here’s how it works:
1) We match advertisers with bloggers
2) Advertisers propose a topic or question (not an advertorial)
3) Bloggers accept or reject the proposal
4) If they accept, bloggers discuss the topic or question, and link to the discussion on their blog’s front page
5) Advertisers truly engage audiences without doing evil; bloggers get paid for doing what they do best – blogging!
Advantages for advertisers:
Instantly build real engagement with tuned-out audiences. Leverage engagement to build credibility, authority, and authenticity for your brands. Provide consumers advertising that creates benefits – not that imposes costs and annoys.
Advantages for bloggers:
Leverage your authority and audience to earn money – without losing control over what you’ve got to say. Turn your ideas, criticisms, opinions, and reader share into money – and not muddy up your site with clunky ads in the process. Engage your audience with thought-provoking issues and questions.
Why We Don’t Encourage Advertorials
Evil is a shortsighted strategy. If bloggers sell out, they lose readers; if they lose readers, we lose sponsors. The pie shrinks for everyone. That’s why we don’t want bloggers to sell out.

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