Is The Art of Getting Paid The Greatest Art of All?

Talenthouse wants to liberate all artists, which I guess makes them a crowdsourcer with a conscience. I might be suspicious, but one thing jumped out at me right away–the amount of money clients are paying for Talenthouse solutions.
BBH and its client ila DUSK are offering $6500 in prize money and an internship at BBH/London for winning contestants in films, photography and design. Likewise, Adidas is ponying up $20,000 for winning goggle designs to be worn by an Adidas-sponsored athlete at 2010 Winter Olympics.
Here’s a promotional video from the company, which maintains offices in Mountain View, CA and London:

Talenthouse is focused in five creative areas: film, fashion, photography, music and graphic design. What, writers don’t rate? Nope, not unless they can shoot and edit video or take a deep dive into Illustrator and re-emerge with a “look”.

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  1. The written word is dead, so no love for writers. Didn’t you see it in the paper? Oh, yeah, guess that was a dumb question.