Is “Ad Land” The Definitive Advertising History Book?

I can’t recall ever seeing a book that specifically outlines the history of the advertising industry. But now we may have one: Ad Land: A Global History of Advertising by Mark Tungate.
Mark Tungate is a British journalist based in Paris, and his book looks to be a great read. From the origins in the 19th century, through the rise of Madison Avenue, the Creative Revolution, Chicago packaged goods, consolidation, agencies in Britain, France, Japan, and everything that’s going on today, Tungate appears to cover it all. It’s not a textbook or a memoir, so this may be a unique book.
I haven’t read Ad Land yet, but I’ll post a review in the next week or two. (Special thanks to Jeffery Anderson at FSB Associates who sent a me a copy for review)

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  1. The Mirror Makers by Stephen fox.
    Excellent book on the history of advertising, and it’s been in print since the early 90s I think.
    It’s a pity so many in our industry are so ignorant of its past. If they weren’t we’d hear much less about all these “new” ideas like “branded content” and we could all just continue with the buisness of communicating.

  2. agree with heresone on the mirror makers.
    must admit, tungate’s book was a bit of a turn-off after spotting the cover’s recommendation quote from sir martin sorrell.

  3. I’m Mark, the author of the book HighJive found “a turn-off” 🙂 Personally I was chuffed that Sir Martin enjoyed my work, especially given the fact that I quote David Ogilvy, who once called him “an odious little shit”. You’re right to recommend The Mirror Makers, which I love and which was one of the key sources for my book. But it is a history of American advertising up until the 1980s, wheras I was daft enough to embark global history of the business, including markets as far-flung as China and Brazil. There’s a new book called Get Smashed about British advertising that looks fun, too. In any case, thanks for buying my tome, Danny and, er, go easy on that review, with you?!

  4. Sorry about the typing errors in my comment, by the way. Not very pro. Serves me right for tapping toe fist.