Is Content Merely A Long Form Ad With the Pitch Removed?

Content, content, content…it’s all anyone’s talking about. Myself included.

To wit, we have news from Austin about Greatest Common Factory, a content creation agency founded by three former GSD&M staffers.

At its core GCF believes advertising has moved from a media driven business to a content driven one. The 80/20 rule of media to production has inverted itself and as the demand for more content grows in smaller, more focused channels they seek to be the ones providing it.

The agency was founded less than six months ago but the roster of clients continues to grow. The agency is working on Golfsmith and Nike, among others. Creative partner John Trahar says, “We are humbled that they have selected us given how relatively new GCF is. It feels great to get past the early months of start up mode. We’re officially real.”

In other content marketing news, Ad Age reports that print media companies are jumping in to YouTube’s new channels initiative with both feet. For instance, Meredith will fill a channel called Digs with seven original series developed and produced by a dedicated production team at Meredith Video Studios: “Jordan in the House,” about blogger Jordan Reid’s talent for decorating and entertaining; “Door Knock Design,” in which a DIY expert gives a viewer’s home a makeover in a day; “Gardens of the Rich and Famous,” about celebs’ back yards; “Porcelain Thrones,” on extravagant bathrooms; “Home-Made,” featuring craftsmen and women on their homemade goods; party show “Ready, Set, Celebrate”; and “No Man’s Land,” about women’s answers to the Man Cave.

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  1. You could look at it that way but content is important and always will be important because search engines love it and as long as search engines like content so will website owners. 

    • Yes, a consistent flow of highly original, well written and/or produced content is key for SEO, but that’s not the best part. The true sizzle is content’s ability to pull people in to a shared circle of interest. At that point, a relationship is formed between brand and prospect. The job then is to grow said relationship, and how do we best do that? With content, of course.