IPG Studies New Media In A Lab

Interpublic claims to be figuring out the future of media with a new space, a new staff and a new blog dedicated to the pursuit. I don’t know how well they are fairing in their quest, but it’s the right path to take.
Here’s how the press and others see it:
“In a sleek media lab hidden in a Los Angeles high-rise, some of the country’s biggest media companies and their prominent clients are seeking to understand the state of the divided American attention span.” -New York Times
“The Interpublic Emerging Media Lab serves as both a real, physical space in which new marketing solutions can be tested, and a digital hub that binds together a thriving community of connected content creators and consumers.” -IPGLAB.COM
“These people are influencing the advertising and marketing courses of huge global brands, so I found it pretty fascinating to see who they’re reading (Doctorow and Jenkins, among others) and what they’re hearing and watching: as much as possible of everything that’s available for any kind of device, and they’re placeshifting and timeshifting it for all it’s worth.” -Denise Howell

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