“Involve Me And I Will Understand”

If you read the advertising trade press everyday as I do, you grow tired of all the latest and greatest developments. Reading the same story over and over again with only the names changed becomes tedious. The endless buzz (and the terminology invented to support it) falls on deaf ears. Ergo, it was sweet to stumble across this utterly lucid commentary from a founding father today:
“Tell me and I will forget,
Show me and I might remember,
Involve me and I will understand.” -Ben Franklin
Advertising is a simple business and those who best practice it tend to keep it simple. Yet, I know of no ad person who has made a clearer case for interactive and experiential marketing than Franklin does in his above sentiments, even though it was not his intention.
[via Sparking Curious Mind]

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  1. Floyd Hayes says:

    Interesting. We’ve used that quote for about 3 years now and have it on our T-shirts….
    It was Confucious who said this orignally…

  2. Mark Vickers-Willis says:

    It is a great quote. I concur that it was confucius not BF.