Introducing Hand Made Spam

Barry Scott is a character created to sell Cillit Bang, a cleansing agent marketed in Great Britian. Scott may also be a real person, but there can be no question what this real person, or made up character, wants. He wants to sell you more Cillit Bang.

Hello cyber web space countrymen! I’m Barry Scott here and I’m here to tell you about…me! Hmmm, what are my interests? Well, despite fans sending me thong underpants, I’m actually a bit of a patterned sweater kind of guy. Bring back the Xmas jumper, that’s what I say! I’m also a bit of a music buff. I have a large collection of easy listening hits on different formats – 8-track, vinyl and even CD. I love artists like Chris De Burgh, The Nolan Sisters, Shakin Stevens, and – when I’m in the mood for romance, some Hot Chocolate. I’ll tell you even more about me later. For now, I have get my Cillit Bang out for some big time banging!

Catherine Taylor at Adfreak breaks it down for us.

If you want to creep yourself out about the future of marketing, one anecdote on the Word of Mouth Marketing Association blog should do the trick. Seems a guy named Tom Coates, who works for the BBC, posts a long item on his personal blog,, about how he hasn’t spoken to his father in 30 years. Among the sympathetic postings is one from a “Barry Scott,” who says he went through a similar ordeal but decided to make amends with his dad. He even says Coates can “drop [him] a line” if he needs further support. But as it turns out, Barry Scott doesn’t exist—except as an alleged spokesperson for Reckitt Benckiser’s household cleaner Cillit Bang.

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  • Clark

    Barry Scott is a fake…..A FAKE DAMMIT! I HATE HIM FOR BEING A FAKE!!!

  • Barry Scott

    I would like to assure you that I am not a fake and that I have frequently used Cillit Bang to take care of limescale, rust and ground in dirt. And pennies are easily cleaned with Cillit Bang – Bang, and the dirt is gone.