Interactive Doesn’t Mean Online, It Means To Play With

This Stride Gum ad caught my attention (in Rolling Stone) because it’s a good example of interactive print.
The copy encourages readers to chew six pieces of gum and place the remnants in the circles shown, an act which will make the unsavory image go away.

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  1. Credit the agency responsible?
    Funny that scam ads get credited all the time in media and blogs, but then real ads don’t. We’re so ass-backwards.

  2. Looks like a real ad to me.
    Sad that anything half decent or entertaining is automatically labeled a ‘fake ad.’

  3. After much clicking, I’ve been able to determine that Stride is handled by JWT/New York.

  4. Awesome print ad, but Stride and JWT/New York are doing some unique online work as well. Here’s 2 examples from my archive of online ads:
    Brilliant hat tip to Huey Lewis!
    Stride Gum “Spit It Out”
    Stride Gum “Place Gum Here”