Independents Drink Tennessee Whiskey

A bottle of Jack Daniels, a letterpress shop in Knoxville and a man on banjo all help to paint the brand red, white and blue in this new campaign from Arnold Worldwide’s Boston office.

Of course, craft is a popular subject today. Brands from Levi’s to Dodge are painting Made in America pictures that tug at whatever bit of national pride remains a population battered by a crap economy, corrupt politicians and a complicit mainstream media.

How something is made is a key consideration, and one worth factoring. But Jack Daniels is an impulse purchase and “Jack and Coke” is an easy call when out at the bar. It’s easy to say, easy for the bartender to make and it gets the job done. As much as I love letterpress posters, if it was my account I’d probably look for ways to reward people who consistently buy the brand. Maybe I’d even arrange for them to get a signed and numbered letterpress poster from the brand.

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