In The Age Of Transparency, A Little Mystery

Envision Group in Denver has developed a new medium for branded messages.

Reveal’d makes it possible to conceal your message or graphic on any glass or mirrored surface, and then reveal it with the application of steam–introduced naturally from shower steam or through artificial means in areas where natural steam does not occur.
In general, I’d say the last thing we need is another place for ads to creep. But in this case, I can see where the reveal might surprise and delight a viewer.

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  1. David, you hit the nail on the head with your closing comment. The very reason we developed this is because people are tired of being bombarded with ad messages. We wanted a way to add an impression to a guest room without relying on another table tent or door hanger to clutter things up. This accomplishes that and has a “cool factor” that helps to make a lasting impression.
    Thanks for the post. Much appreciated.