In My Wallet Is “Where Money And Meaning Come Together”

At the end of this Draft/FCB-made spot the announcer, in his most inclusive voice, says, “Now, you belong.” But it’s not true. I don’t belong.
I carried and used a Diner’s Club card since the 1990s, and never had a problem, but when Darby and I had one 30-day late on our Hilton Head house last year, our house of credit collapsed. According to the banks, once you miss a mortgage payment by 30 days you’re a horrible risk. That you have years, or decades, of on-time payments with them is no protection.
When Diner’s Club yanked my card, I owed them close to $3000. Today, I owe them nothing. But I feel like they owe me something, like an apology and a new card with an open line of credit. Maybe then I will “belong,” again. Blah!

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Native Nebraskan seeking the perfect pale ale in the Pacific Northwest. Disc golfer. Fan of Kurt Vonnegut, community radio and wolves in the wild. Copywriter and brand strategist at Bonehook. Co-founder and editor of AdPulp.