In-House And In The Know

Avi Dan, writing a blog post for Forbes, notes that in-house agencies are on the rise.

Fidelity Investment’s 200-strong in-house agency is delivering the quality of work that outside agencies provide. The agency handles all creative for the award-winning guiding “Green Line” campaign, inspired by CMO’s Jim Speros who told me he got the idea while driving with his GPS on. Fidelity’s house agency handles all national creative including magazines, newspaper, outdoor, direct, digital, and collateral. Arnold, Fidelity’s outside shop, produces the TV.

Jim told me that there are several benefits for Fidelity using an in-house ad agency. “They have a strong understanding of our businesses, our staff is tenured, and they are very responsive,” adding, “It’s easier to maintain creative control and brand consistency, and we don’t have to compete with other clients for the agency’s attention. And there are efficiencies. Fidelity saves about $20 million a year by having a house agency.”

I’ve never worked at an in-house agency, but I did some work for Columbia Sportswear’s in-house unit a couple years ago.

What’s your experience with in-house agencies?

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  1. Outhouse says:

    In-house agencies are the Special Olympics of the industry.