“Improve The Customer’s Experience” Or Find Another Line Of Work

A Washington, DC-based blogger going by the screen name of “Woodstock” reads Gaping Void “with varying degrees of regularity.” He says he’s “revolted and compelled at the same time” by Hugh’s content.
Woodstock goes on to say, “I believe marketing to be one of the primary sources of evil in modern culture.”
What’s interesting here is Hugh MacLeod’s repsonse.

You can replace marketing with management or even sales, it’s the same age-old argument! What I’ve come to realize is people don’t hate good marketing, good management, or effective sales people.
Those functions exist to improve the customer’s experience, life, business in some way. Bad marketing, management, and sales, however, is what we all seem to associate the aforementioned functions with.

Hugh, the great tearer-downer, comes to marketing’s defense. Of course, Hugh doesn’t despise marketing, he merely despises the way “Madison Avenue” does business.

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  1. That’s a great answer from Hugh.
    Not all lawyers and politicians are evil bloodsuckers either, from what I hear.