Violent Crime Not Sexy, Nor Desirable

Fashion advertising is not known for good taste, but this new ad from Jimmy Choo, takes “in poor taste” to another level.
Agenda Inc. calls it “kidnap chic.” I call it sick and wrong.
Why stars like Quincy Jones and Molly Sims would care to appear in a degrading, cheap stunt like this is beyond me. Sure, they got paid for it, and were told the photog and/or art director had some big ideas, blah, blah, blah…
People, sometimes you do have to speak up and say, “I don’t think so, asshole.”

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Native Nebraskan in the Pacific Northwest. Chief Storyteller at Bonehook, a guide service and bait shop for brands. Co-founder and editor of AdPulp. Contributor to The Content Strategist. Doer of the things written about herein.

  • veedub

    you are correct. it’s ass.

  • steve jerman

    Oh DB,
    Could you be over-reacting?
    I see a nattily dressed couple who had a little too much fun in Reno the night before but nonetheless got up early to start the installation of their Burningman art project.
    Because they drove across country they weren’t aware that they should be dressed in flourescent paint and feather boas because back home everyone dresses like they do on the Sopranos.
    Well at least it got your attention (an ad got my attention !?!) What did Crusty the Clown say “This ain’t art – this is business”
    Finally what was the name of that clothing line anyway . . . well maybe it doesn’t work afterall.

  • David Burn

    Very imaginative, Steve. However, the only redeeming thing I see in this ad is the product–overpriced shoes–front and center.

  • nancy

    well, it’s a far cry from the tag line i did for a sandy resort illunstration, when i was in school years ago.
    I (or someone else, i can’t remember) dismissed it for being too racy anyway:
    “throw your junk in the trunk and come be a bum in the sun”

  • HighJive

    Well, the fashion world has always pushed the boundaries. This execution (pun intended) is no less controversial than work done for Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, Benneton and Abercrombie & Fitch. Plus, advertisers freely tie in with entertainment vehicles like The Matrix, Mission Impossible, James Bond and 24 — all of which glorify violence to a much greater degree than Jimmy Choo. Can’t imagine trying to compete in the fashion world without tweaking controversy.
    Besides, I’m guessing Jimmy Choo is not targeting you and me with their advertising, David. Remember, you once admitted to owning a pair of Crocs.

  • David Burn

    High Jive,
    It’s the Crocs wearer in me that rejects the idea that it’s okay to glamorize violence. In this case, it’s also violence against women, the very target Jimmy Choo courts.
    I get that other brands do it and that Quentin Taratino is an influence on modern culture. That doesn’t make it right and I don’t need to be in the target demo to recognize it or say so.

    • jrwlsju

      Crocs ARE a violent crime.

  • segan

    who was the phtotgrapher…and waht are they portraying….i mean,theres a BIG reason behind this!

  • Rachel

    does anyone know when this was published?