I’m Pretty Sure Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance Also Run

Why do a category sell here? Wouldn’t you prefer to see the reason(s) why Saucony makes a better shoe conveyed in a memorable way?
From looking at their website, I believe Saucony is trying to say they focus on running, unlike Nike which makes a shoe for every sport. If that’s their strategy it’s a decent approach, but the copy here is too vague to truly support that position.

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  1. Tyler Tafelsky says:

    As a runner, this ad really stood out to me in a magazine. Sure the copy might be a bit vague, but the vagueness of the copy is countered by highly relevant images and solid campaign idea. I think it shows respect (and loyalty -which is their objective) for the runner, by expressing that be a runner is more than just going for the occasional run, but a lifestyle that is infused in our blood.