I’m A Winner!

I’ve concepted and delivered consumer promotions for a number of years now. There are many different types of promotions to develop, not just sweepstakes. In fact, sweeps are the last refuge of a desperate creative team.
Naturally, Starbucks knows this. Which is why the coffee giant’s current in-store promotion simply gives customers a prize. Everyone loves to get something of value for free, and Starbucks is saying if you shop here you’re a winner.
I shop there, so I’m a winner. I now have three new tracks in my iTunes “Purchased” folder–“No One’s Gonna Love You” from Band of Horses’ latest release, “New Religion” from Alice Smith and “Turpentine” by Brandi Carlile. I’m a fan of Band of Horses and will buy their new disc, but it’s nice to have this teaser track to remind me. I’m also acquainted with Alice Smith’s music, but not Carlile’s.
So, not only has Starbucks made me a winner, the brand is also building discovery into the equation, which is a smart thing to do.

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  1. Yea, I really like what Starbucks is doing with this promotion. I checked their website out, and they have some really quality artists participating in the “Free Song a Day” promo. As for your three songs thus far…. Band of Horses new album is pretty good upon first listen. I haven’t had a chance to give it enough time to really decide what I think of it, but then again it’s only been out for a day 😛 As for Brandi Carlile, she’s by far my favorite musician out there right now. You are in for a treat if you decide to delve farther into her music. Enjoy the free tunes!