I’m Michelle Bachmann, And I Approved This Message

The Iowa Caucus is tomorrow, and one would think that Iowa-born Michelle Bachmann–a Christian conservative–would do well. Whether her latest TV ad will help garner votes is another question.

According to The New York Times, the ad is running on the local NBC station, WHO, 14 times over the next two days at a cost of just $7,600. By contrast, Mr. Romney and Mr. Gingrich have spent about eight times that on WHO in recent days.

Here’s a batch of Bachmann’s earlier TV ads from last summer:

In today’s world, national elections are won or lost largely on TV. Yet, what role does TV advertising play in Iowa? The Iowa caucuses are notoriously grassroots, and definitely local. I think this raises an interesting question about how to build a political brand. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, who may also do well tomorrow, have solid ground strategies where their brands are built one handshake and friendly word at a time.

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