If You’re So Smart, Go Ahead And Invent Something

We know that some of the brightest bulbs in Adlandia like to invent their own products and bring them to market, when they’re not busy polishing their reels. It’s a healthy exercise and all that…
According to Ad Age, London’s Bartle Bogle has a unit called Zag dedicated to the practice.

The idea is to identify “brand lag” — areas where consumers are active but there are few brands.

For instance, only 12% of people describe themselves as vegetarians, but 86% of adults eat meatless meals at least once or twice a week. That’s brand lag, and Zag is there to fill it with Pick Me, a vegetarian meals company that Zag hopes will be a $15 million retail business within a year.
Anyone at BBH can contribute to — and profit from — the Zag division. There is an annual competition for the best new idea, which was won this year by a pregnancy-nutrition brand. The winner’s prize money of 2008 pounds (upped to 2009 pounds next year) is suspended in a glass ball in the agency’s reception area until it’s claimed.

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