If You “Listen To Your Lips” They’ll Tell You To Pull That Baileys Bottle Down From The Shelf

London-based Diageo moved the Baileys account to JWT last spring after five years with Bartle Bogle Hegarty. Here’s some of JWT’s new work:
According to The Wall Street Journal, JWT identified a simple solution to a basic problem facing the beverage that would work around the world: Bottles of Baileys are often left in cupboards, half-drunk and forgotten. JWT recommended the slogan, “Listen to Your Lips,” aiming to get people to finish their bottles and buy more by reminding them of the drink’s sweet flavor.
In other words, selling liquor is about creating more usage occasions. It was when Baileys ran BBH’s “Serve Chilled” campaign, and it is now.
Baileys sells a huge percentage of its annual volume from Thanksgiving to New Years, so JWT and Diaego will soon know how the new message is being received.
[DISCLOSURE] I worked on in-store executions, trade advertising and local radio for Baileys “Serve Chilled” launch a few years ago at BFG. BFG continues to work on several Diageo brands, including Baileys.

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  1. Forgotten, half-drunk bottles of booze were never my problem. But then I’m an alcoholic.
    Happy Thanksgiving, David!

  2. andrew milano says:

    crap agency. crap ad