If Your Phone Is So Smart, Have It Bring You A Hot Dog And A Beer

Taap.it is a startup intent on solving problems for its customers.

According to The Next Web, “the mobile app connects local buyers and sellers in a Craigslist like fashion, albeit with items both searchable and sellable by location.”

In other words, it’s a hyperlocal ecommerce community with a critical game layer.

Here, let the company’s cartoons talk:

Taap.it also seeks to provide utility to users at events. According to Andrew Calagna, Director of Event Marketing for Taap.it, fans at sporting events will now be able to order food and beverages straight from their smart phones and have the items delivered to their seats.

Calagna says, “We are going to enhance the overall experience of sport fans everywhere.”

Taap.it’s mobile application also lets fans participate in contests, vote for player of the game and rate player performances.

About David Burn

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  1. Tommyleewannabe says:

    Thats actually pretty cool. Cute cartoons too! 

  2. Wizaeds4lyfe21 says:

    I really hate waiting in lines so this works for me! Wizards season ticket holder! 

  3. I used to use Taap.it when I interned in NYC for the summer. Its really useful, helped me sell my couch before I left! hopefully it comes to Lebanon! 

  4. Footballer222 says:

    No more concession lines?? This must be a dream 

  5. Oo, sounds great, especially having food delivered to you at events. Although for this to catch on lots of restaurant chains will have to sign up and more people will have to hear about taap.it – I hadn’t until I read this article!

  6. Four positive on-brand comments all at the same time. Makes an editor with a penchant for clean comments wonder…