“I Love Rookies” T-Shirt Inspires Hollywood Star

Alyssa Milano loves baseball. Especially, the Dodgers. So much so, she writes a blog on MLBlogs.com and she’s started a new womens’ line of baseball-inspired clothing called Touch.
Milano told Mark Newman of MLB.com, how she got going in the apparel biz.

I have had Dodgers season tickets for four years. Every game I attended, I would rush into the team shop and look to see if there was anything new and cute to buy. I would look for something that would fit my body and that wasn’t pink! I was always disappointed that I couldn’t find anything. My “eureka” moment came when my friend Chelsea made her own T-shirt. She made a tee that said, “I love Rookies,” and she got so many compliments on it. I hope to produce a tee similar to this in the future. That’s when the seed was planted and it grew from there. I pitched the idea to my agent, he got me a meeting with MLB, MLB introduced me to G-III, and the rest is history.

[via Shedwa]

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  • http://shedwa.blogspot.com shedwa

    I have a pic of her on the field with Derek Jeter during the All-Star game last year in Pittsburgh. It was one of those “HUH?” moments, but now it all makes sense.

  • http://www.acleareye.com Tom Asacker

    Great example of the fact that if you feel it, so do others. It reminds me of inventor David Levy’s curse method: “Whenever I hear somebody curse, it’s a sign to invent something.”