What Do You Think of the New ‘Adweek’?

I know David Burn already did a (very) brief post on this, but in case you missed it, this week was the launch of the new Adweek, or at least the new Adweek Web site. Like much of the ad blogosphere over the last six months, I’ve been giving my former employer what I like to think of as tough love, but in a post I wrote over at my own blog today, I actually said I think the new site is a step in the right direction. Go to the site, check it out, and tell us what you think. It’s a definite improvement over the old site, though, admittedly, if that’s the bar, it’s set pretty low. The more important comparison is how it stacks up to competitor’s offerings. Does this brand have a chance? If no one comments, than I guess that’s its own answer.


  1. i don’t like it. the old site made it easier to get a quick snapshot. you had the top 4 or 5 stories all sitting there with big, bold headlines. now, while the overall look may be a bit more pleasing to the eye, i don’t really know where to look. i think they need to find a middle ground between the old and new.

  2. I like to see more content available on a home page. I don’t want to guess where a headline might lead. I need more to go on. This new design offers but four stories with intro text before scrolling. That’s content light and content light is not the message a trade mag wants to send.