Hyperbole Alert

Oscar Meyer has a new tagline: It doesn’t get better than this.
Personally, I find it disturbing that a group of people at Kraft Foods and their new agency McGarryBowen would put that type of sentiment in an ad for processed meats.
If in fact the act of eating an Oscar Meyer hot dog with a lovely friend of the opposite sex was the ultimate experience in life, maybe people would be tempted run out and have that experience. But surely they’d become profoundly depressed with the idea that nothing would ever top it.
According to The New York Times, the line wasn’t written by some hapless copywriter. The line comes from a song (which supports the TV executions in this new $50 mil. campaign) written by Joy Williams, a Nashville-based songwriter who has written for the “American Idol” contestants Mandisa and David Archuleta.

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  • http://multicultclassics.blogspot.com HighJive

    Wasn’t that essentially the tagline for Old Milwaukee beer? To your point, the line seems odd for Oscar Mayer. It’s even amazing that the line got past the legal department, as it would be easy to argue there are direct food options that do indeed get better than Oscar Mayer’s offerings.

  • td

    there might indeed be a tiny group or micro-subculture of people for whom it doesn’t get better than enjoying shared hot dog consumption love, but i doubt their purchasing power necessitates the likely media buy here. what’s the dude wearing, by the way?

  • http://www.end-happy.com Simon Cabron

    oh man, it really doesn’t get much than this :(

  • http://www.bullshitobserver.com Todd

    Frankly (pun unintended), I find the headline more disturbing.
    “Love at first sight”? Come on, the first time they ever saw each other was when their mouth holes were simultaneously occupied with either end of the same fucking hot dog? Really? REALLY?

  • http://multicultclassics.blogspot.com HighJive

    Methinks the headline meant to communicate they fell in love with the hot dog

  • http://multicultclassics.blogspot.com HighJive

    (My previous comment was cut off. Here’s the full statement.)
    Methinks the headline meant to communicate they fell in love with the hot dog at first sight. Which is even more corny than falling in love with each other while deep-throating their beefy wiener.

  • Indiana Gividen

    At first glance I thought that was a promotional poster for bisexuals.