Hunt The Non-Hustler

Marketing speaker, author and consultant, Tara Hunt, was raised in a small town in Alberta. Naturally, she was shaped by that experience (as we all are, wherever and however we grow up).

I’m not a hustler. I’ve never been a hustler. Sure, I know the elements of the hustle (there are enough examples around me) and could probably engage in the types of interactions that put me at an advantage, but what stops me is that I don’t think the world needs more hustlers. The world needs more mutual benefits.
When I realized all of this years ago, I set out into the world in hopes that I could make a bit of a difference to change this. That’s why I chose marketing. I know, doesn’t seem like a natural progression to set out to make the world a happier, less exhausting place and choose a career in selling stuff. But it seemed to me to be the perfect place to disrupt the hustle.

Hunt, like me, is a change the shitstem from within kind of person.
Speaking of hustlers and the shitstem, Hunt’s site was attacked by malware yesterday. “Somehow there is money to be made in ruining the internet,” she wrote, after the fact.

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