Hunt Adkins Sings Bard’s Song

Hunt Adkins recently launched work for their client Bard’s Beer. The only gluten-free beer that uses malted sorghum, Bard’s Beer was originally created for people who are gluten-intolerant or who prefer a gluten-free diet. As the agency of record for Bard’s, Hunt Adkins was tasked with creating a new identity system, packaging, in-store signage, print advertising and a fully redesigned website.
Here’s a look at some of the brand’s long copy collateral:
“We felt we had to recognize the profound sense of loss that gluten-intolerant beer lovers faced, while still appealing to the enthusiasm that craft beer drinkers bring to the table,” said Doug Adkins, CCO at Hunt Adkins. “In the end we landed on a core insight: Beer as an inalienable right. No one should be denied the freedom to solve the world’s problems over a beer. It’s simply not possible to raise a glass of, say, prune juice, and pontificate on the best place to hole up during a zombie uprising.”

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