How To Be A Good Marketer In Ten Easy Steps

Drop out of Business School today. Tara Hunt of Horse Pig Cow can save you two years, and free you from your mounting debt.

1. A good marketer is a Community Advocate
2. A good marketer knows today’s brands aren’t built in boardrooms or ad agencies or brainstorming sessions
3. A good marketer plans a little, but changes alot
4. A good marketer doesn’t only respond to community needs today, but also knows what needs will arise tomorrow
5. A good marketer rewards the community members who stand behind him/her
6. A good marketer gets involved in the community
7. A good marketer is her/his own client
8. A good marketer knows when to back off
9. A good marketer learns to use the tools available to them
10. A good marketer never takes her/himself to seriously

Any questions?
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  • nancy

    number 10?
    I got to seriously once all by myself, then cycled back to funny, then around to who the hell knows where.

  • boo

    was this really supposed to be helpful? i think shel silverstein provides more guidance.

  • David Burn

    Hopefully, you jumped over to read her full entry–but I just put this here to toy with people–so it’s okay if you didn’t.

  • nancy

    I wrote a poem once…
    forgot how it went
    “toy, toy, toying with me
    an iota too much…
    I posted it on a poetry group. ha…laughing at myself now.
    Actually it was in response to the intrusiveness of ads that passed over the content of a site. Way back in 2000, I think. The major corporation that owns that site probably owns the poem now.

  • Annastacia Chidera

    what is the duties of a marketing executive?

  • nancy

    In the case of large corporations? Executive duties?
    I’d like to know because I think Microsoft was at the head of slate and the fray when i wrote that poem and it was all about ads covering up content. It was annoying. I looked in their archives for years that followed and never could turn up anything with my name. And that toying poem I wrote immediately in the field box and not on scratch paper. I think the people at the poetry fray didn’t like me because i didn’t take all my poetry seriously.
    Oh well, to be a fool amongst contemporaries, that’s all i asked.
    To think I could have been a contender there, too, had I only followed this gal’s advice.

  • yusuf yinka

    Pls as a good marketer when do i need to back off,when marketing a client on particular product, when u think with a little presure.

  • blessing

    what are the qualities a good marketer posses.

  • mercy

    pls what can do to be best marketer to my company,l working with multichoicepls l need a very urgent answer for this pls.

  • Lamin

    Is marketing a professin or everyone who is in business should be a marketer? I was sack from my work place because my employer thougt i was the cause of his lost.

  • cynthia

    am into real estate but am not getting client may be beause i do not know how to market them. how can i become a good marketr in properties

  • http://haaa nyiko

    i feel u guys.

  • Oji Chukwudimma

    We just started this small factory where we manufacture furniture for various needs. I might be shifting from my profession (architecture) but how can I get a detailed marketing strategy for our products to see if we can get and umpteen number of clients that will patronise us!

  • http://chimas nwogu chidiebere e

    marketing is regarded as one of the best coure in the university how truth is this?

  • Peter

    hello, i would like to find out what the duties of a life and general business insurance marketer is?

  • christabel


  • obianuju

    please,am currently working with a news paper company,pls i want know the Responsibilities of a marketer in news paper company

  • dipti

    i want to be agood marketer

  • akoma augustine

    how to be a good marketer in ten easy step iwhat u to explain number eight two four six for me
    now or in my box pls i bag becouse i don/t understand it

  • Etim

    i really want to know cause.i talk to people about my product and when they look at it with interest and they turn it down.

  • kelleth

    I am researching this more a project in my class. This helped me a lot. Thank You

  • Chris

    i want start a fabric business but i don’t how to go about it.can you help me

  • Moe

    tara, teach us more please, i am suffocating from my debts and without a job.

  • Gene

    @Bako, everybody is your target for solar because everyone uses energy, but i think you can start with big companies that can afford your services

  • DeCalibre Institute

    @Cynthia, if you are into real estate then you should go for interior design training so you can learn alot about an interior space that will enable you market it. @Chris, same goes for you since fabric is an indoor materials; you need a wider knowledge to be able to set yourself apart from others. @ Etim, your product might be good but you need to find out why they are turning it down; perhaps you are meeting the wrong people. You must define your target market before you sell. not everyone can afford what you offer.

  • Maheshi Rambukwella

    Yes…I think this is the best and easy way to be a good marketer.

  • Catherinemusindo4

    im finding hearing aid marketing difficult…. pliz help

  • Ragavan Siddique

     iam in chemical company pls explain me points 6-10

    my mail add

  • Kelsi Noye

    i am a marketing student and my dream is to be an international marketer. please help me to make my dream a reality