How Not to Sell Shoes in 2008

Converse is an iconic brand. Which leads me to wonder why they would choose to lean on a young woman who needlessly claims to be “hot” on five interlinked microsites—,,, and
According to Adweek, Converse’s agency, Anomaly, declined to comment on the effort.

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  1. Must be a viral campaign because it’s making me sick

  2. she is hard to take but the idea is nothing if not a departure for converse.
    the boys at anomaly know what they’re doing. assuming it’s them that did it. i’d be interested to see how it progresses, if it does.

  3. Interesting…very interesting…who is this Jennifer?

  4. if the boys at anomaly did this, it’s clear that they most certainly do not know what they’re doing.

  5. I agree with “yikes”. These skits leave me with a wretched taste in my mouth. Converse is better than this.

  6. does anybody know the context for this? what they’re trying to do etc.
    converse has cool heritage but Dr. J and punk rock/skate culture doesn’t work for everything. the past can be a millstone.

  7. To their credit, there is more to it than this beeatch’s inane ramblings. It starts here:

  8. the past can be a millstone. but that doesn’t mean the present can’t be nauseating.
    the context doesn’t much matter when you want to vomit after watching four seconds of this tripe.

  9. yikes,
    i’m just reserving judgement till i have all the info. it kind of comes out of left field. and i’m guessing, sadly, i am no longer the target for this.
    have you seen this? another random one.

  10. veedub-
    thanks for the link. i just tossed all over my keyboard.

  11. heh! no problem.
    good wholesome shoe-sellin’ fun.

  12. I’ll toss chunks when this drivel wins gold at Cannes next spring.

  13. This discussion is a great example of how the business has changed over the last few years.
    It used to be a sign of a poor idea if you had to stand next to your campaign and explain it to people, if they didn’t get it on their own. Now it seems campaigns get more attention simpy for being hard to understand, for REQUIRING explanation. Like you almost need to know the media plan before you know if you “get” the idea.
    That’s not a complaint, more an observation. I wonder if it will get old and feel passe soon, just like every other trend or approach that was once seen as different or new? Maybe it’s old already?

  14. I really don’t care about the background or context. I just think the chick is anything but hot. Physically, she’s semi-decent—although totally ordinary when you consider who would typically show up for a casting call seeking hot chicks. But her personality makes her downright unbearable. Totally unattractive. It looks like it was written by a dumb male, when it would have benefitted from either having a female writer, or taking it over the top in some Axe-like style. I want someone to beat her with a Converse shoe.

  15. HJ,
    i honestly don’t know how to react to the converse stuff. i’m old. so my reaction isn’t worth the keystrokes it’s written with.
    i personally didn’t find her that annoying. it felt fresh for some reason. and there were lots of sites other than this advice offering girl.
    i’m guessing anomaly is using a bit of a shotgun approach here. and there’s something to be said for that. hey, it works for crispin 😉

  16. hey veedub,
    Don’t be so hard on your age, old man. 🙂 I wouldn’t say age should stand in the way of you “getting” this campaign, assuming, of course, that there’s something beyond randomness to get. Unless you just mean that by virtue of being over 20 you’ve seen lots of semi-blind, teaser ideas before so the technique is not as fresh to you as it might be to a kid. Either way though, unless the campaign revolves around something Gen Y and younger just invented and is hiding from the rest of the adult world via a new form of texting that’s only decipherable with a special keycode found in the latest Fall Out Boy mp3, I say you should be able to get it, or at least understand why the target does, regardless of your age. Not to beat a dead horse, but lately a lot of so-so work skates by on the old “Oh, you just don’t get it” excuse simply because it appears online. Now THAT’S something that’s getting old.

  17. Not that I really care, but the guy posting as yikes isn’t the one who usually does.
    I concur with you on her hotness. Attitude drags her way down, but I think it’s an acting problem. What she’s saying could’ve been funny, but her performance makes it seem shitty.
    Sadly, most of the people in the world (particularly young, heterosexual males) don’t give two shits. “Whatever dude, she’s hot.”

  18. suede, i briefly worked on converse once. aeons ago. it was heritage-heavy then too.
    i’m guessing this is fashion advertising. designed to stir things up, like!
    but i think there’s a degree of sexism in focusing on how “annoying” the girl is. maybe it’s just a performance. maybe that was the goal. annoying girl.
    that guy licking the icing off the camera on the other site was no oil painting but i didn’t hear too many complaints about his lack of looks or delivery. just saying.

  19. I’d argue the reason why is I had high expectations for Out of Your League Girl, which fell flat.
    I had zero expectations for the dude licking the camera and therefore didn’t watch more than 2 seconds.
    Not sexism in my case, just that one seemed more promising and was therefore more disappointing.

  20. veedub-
    Good point about more comments on the girl’s looks vs. the guy. Like you said, you don’t name someone “outofyourleaguegirl” to make people like them. If being annoying is the whole point, sounds like it’s done its job.

  21. Well, I only saw the out of your league girl stuff, so I can’t compare it to the licking dude. But I don’t agree that the comments were necessarily sexist.
    suede, I also don’t think “out of your league” means someone should be annoying. Halle Berry and Charlize Theron are out of my league, and I find them anything but annoying. I’ve also seen beautiful women delivering advice to men without being annoying.

  22. hey HJ,
    I don’t think real women in the real world who are “out of our league” are annoying either. Quite the opposite, actually. 😉
    But in the case of this campaign, I think they named her outofyourleaguegirl to make her come across as conceited and annoying. Again, what purpose it all serves and whether it really goes anywhere beyond random teasers is anyone’s guess.