How Many People From Your Agency Went To Burning Man This Year?

Sid Lee is expanding to Toronto because its the fourth largest city in North America and the ideal place for a creative company to be.
That is when the creatives themselves aren’t “surviving” on the Black Rock Desert of Northwest Nevada.

BTW, Sid Lee is hiring in Toronto, Montreal, Amsterdam and Paris.
I wonder if Sid Lee will open an American outpost someday.

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  1. Feel the Burn says:

    If ad agencies took a moment to step away from their race for the lowest common demominator, they could learn a lot from Burning Man peeps.
    I’ve traveled in that world for over a decade now, and the rewards are immeasurable. DIY creativity, social networking, passion, cooperation, constructive commerce, improvisation…you name it.
    But unfortunately, if something doesn’t fit in a tv reel, the ad industry doesn’t seem to care.