How Karl Lagerfeld Sells Dom Pérignon

Kate Spicer examines Karl Lagerfeld’s penchant for marketing to women in The Sunday Times:

How does a septuagenarian homosexual fashion designer in a powdered ponytail know what women fantasise about? He’s not Nancy Friday. Yet here he is, giving us a heterosexual fantasy that most women — and men — would find immensely satisfying.

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  1. gee, david, this is the kind of stuff usually presented at adrants, where every third post features scantily-clad women and/or huge titties. trying to lure adrants visitors?

  2. No.

  3. trust me highjive, imagery that subtle and sophisticated would never make the cut over at adrants

  4. Shouldn’t Oprah be all over this right about now? After all, the uppity mainstream fashion world has a good 200 year head start over hiphop in the degrading women department. (insert stretch here.)
    Then again, maybe her soccer mom audience might take issue with such a biased attack.
    And where’s that goof from Cristal? Shouldn’t Rouzard be thumbing his nose at Dom on this one, too?

  5. Are you kidding? Oprah would kill for the chance to have Lagerfeld shoot a sexy photo of her and Gayle King.