How Karl Lagerfeld Sells Dom Pérignon

Kate Spicer examines Karl Lagerfeld’s penchant for marketing to women in The Sunday Times:

How does a septuagenarian homosexual fashion designer in a powdered ponytail know what women fantasise about? He’s not Nancy Friday. Yet here he is, giving us a heterosexual fantasy that most women — and men — would find immensely satisfying.

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  • HighJive

    gee, david, this is the kind of stuff usually presented at adrants, where every third post features scantily-clad women and/or huge titties. trying to lure adrants visitors?

  • David Burn


  • veedub

    trust me highjive, imagery that subtle and sophisticated would never make the cut over at adrants

  • h

    Shouldn’t Oprah be all over this right about now? After all, the uppity mainstream fashion world has a good 200 year head start over hiphop in the degrading women department. (insert stretch here.)
    Then again, maybe her soccer mom audience might take issue with such a biased attack.
    And where’s that goof from Cristal? Shouldn’t Rouzard be thumbing his nose at Dom on this one, too?

  • HighJive

    Are you kidding? Oprah would kill for the chance to have Lagerfeld shoot a sexy photo of her and Gayle King.