How Does He Do It?

Court Crandall has creativity oozing from his pores. He runs one of the best agencies on the left coast, writes (and sells) popular screenplays and now he’s got a new children’s book to his credit.

According to the book’s publisher, “Hugville is a town full of unusual hugs. If you come to visit, learn how to squeeze a friend with the Octopus Hug, twist him with the Tornado Hug, and tickle him with the Monkey Hug! The friendly Mayor will guide you on a tour of Hugville, and he’ll even give you a turn at the Hug Jug!”
If you’re wondering how Crandall came up with the Hugville idea, here’s the story:

A few years ago, my oldest son started getting a little too old and too cool to want to hug dad much. The way I saw it, I had a choice: I could accept that we had made the inevitable transition from hugs to high-fives, or, I could make hugging more fun. I chose the latter, creating a series of crazy hugs that ranged from the Monkey Hug, where you scratch under your arms and pick fleas off each other to the Tornado Hug, where you, “Twirl through the room, then follow your hug with a dustpan and broom.” Within a week, Chase was not only eager to hug dad, but requesting his favorite hugs and telling his friends about it. At the point other parents started asking me to explain the Octopus Hug, the Itchy Dog Hug, etc., I knew I was onto something.

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