How Would You Lure A Person To The U.S. For A Vacation?

New flash: the U.S. as a hip, multicultural place where the “land of awesome possibilities welcomes everyone.”

Congress created Brand USA in 2010 to work with the travel industry on the first worldwide marketing campaign to promote the United States. is one result.

According to Ad Age, Brand USA hired JWT to help promote America.

Fox News says that funding for the estimated $200 million campaign comes not from the government, but from the private sector and the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, which charges $14 to visitors traveling to the U.S. from countries that do not require visas.

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  1. Murphy Kaufman says:

    At first I was a little skeptical of this campaign. How are
    they advertising this site to other countries? 
    As an American, I took the question to Google. I searched “travel to America”
    and “America vacation” and was number 3 and 4 for these
    searches. After perusing the site a bit, I’ve discovered new places I want to
    visit within my own country like Utah. Who knew it had five national parks? The
    only thing I think about Utah is mountains and winter Olympics. This site also
    makes me want to go to cities I’ve wanted to visit for a while. Overall, I
    think it’s a great site to promote our country’s attractions.