House of Morgan Uses Socialist Imagery To Promote Responsible Capitalism

Morgan Stanley via The Martin Agency is repurposing the public works mural from the 1930s in order to promote itself and the same banking system that brought our nation to its knees.

According to Adweek, the brand’s new 60-second anthem and other elements in the campaign “echoes New Deal-era murals by artists like Thomas Hart Benton and Diego Rivera to illustrate, with a contemporary edge, Morgan Stanley’s approach to money.”

“The creative brief was to own responsible capitalism and connect that to Morgan Stanley and no one else,” said Martin creative director Alon Shoval.

Responsible capitalism owned by one irresponsible firm. Damn, that’s a big idea!


Martin also made a 60-second anthem to drill this idea home.

I will say I enjoy looking at this art, and I wish more ads were artfully rendered in this way. Sadly though, I look at the art and ask, “why place oil wells on the ridge, when wind turbines are clearly the “responsible” choice? Also, what are all those people doing standing around in the background?

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  1. All those people standing around are the poor suckers who are unemployed. Socialism kills jobs.

  2. David, the same thought struck me when I saw those people in the background! Maybe fred12 here in the comments section has a point…