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from Tim Nudd of Adweek: After getting canned on The Apprentice, Danny Kastner wrote a song called “15 Minutes of Fame.” “Who is that knockin’ at your door?/Oh my lord, it must be them, the paparazzi/Who else could it possibly be?” he sings. It’s pure Kastner: a clueless yet charming mix of self-love and self-promotion, tempered by hippyish earnestness. It’s almost worth visiting just to hear it.
This leisure suit can be yours for a mere $599
We couldn’t resist asking if Kastner has plans for an album or a line of leisure clothing. Naturally, both are in the works. “I make a lot of my clothes,” he says. “So I think I’m gonna do a deal and license that. And I’ve always been on the fringes of music success. The stuff on the show, that’s just the corny stuff–I do serious stuff as well.”

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  1. This guy is exactly the kind of “creative” that gives advertising a bad name. He obviously thinks dressing oddly and doing a Michael Moore lookalike thing works, but Donald Trump didn’t buy his act. No one else should either. Creative is obviously only a word he uses.

  2. Michael Moore lookalike? I don’t get it. I’ve sure as hell never seen Mr. Moore in a leisure suit.
    As for Kastner’s creative ability, I’d need to see his work first.

  3. Michael Moore after he went on a diet and lost about 200 pounds and shed the baseball cap.