Honda And W+K Define “Aspirational”

On Friday, W+K London rolled out a new 120-second spot for Honda.
Directed by Stink’s Ivan Zacharias, the spot follows a Honda test-driver (who lip-syncs the song “The Impossible Dream” by Andy Morris) as he gets on a Honda Monkey bike that morphs into other Honda vehicles, including the 1965 Formula 1 Grand Prix-winning car, the new BAR F1 automobile, and a powerboat.
As the spot wraps and the song ends, Garrison Keillor says in a voiceover, “I couldn’t have put it better myself.”
[via Adfreak]

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  1. When I read ‘morph’ I was thinking that would be cool to see, but it’s really just ‘cuts’ between the vehicles.

  2. Good call, Josh. I love precision in language. Sorry for failing to provide it here.

  3. Cool site, love the info.