Ho Ho Ho

If you write about advertising, you’re going to receive a lot of holiday greetings from firms that create it. Rick Romell of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is no exception. But instead of letting these greetings go unloved in his inbox, he’s sharing them with his readers.

This is the season for advertising shops to flex their creative muscles on their own behalf, concocting greetings ranging from Bader Rutter’s 3-foot-wide fold-out photo of its staff to Freight Train’s chunk of anthracite coal. (Train. Coal. Get it?)
Representing the Boelter + Lincoln culture this year: A video update of O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi,” with the poor-but-loving couple played by Pez dispensers.
Laughlin/Constable is going electronic, too, sending out a version of the Magic 8 Ball toy that answers any of life’s questions with ad-industry smart-talk (“Strategy hazy. Please tweak;” “Think outside the box.”)
Over at Meyer & Wallis, they’re less focused on cleverness than on a hearth-and-home approach. For more than 20 years, the agency has expressed holiday wishes with themed collections of recipes from staffers.

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