H&M Wants Kate “Healthy, Wholesome And Sound”

Softpedia: Supermodel Kate Moss apologized to her bosses for using drugs and promised to enter rehab, after a British tabloid ran photos of her doing lines of cocaine in a London recording studio.
Moss, 31, who was photographed by Daily Mirror journalists snorting a line of the class A drug on the back of a CD cover in the studio where Babyshambles were recording their album, apologized to high street fashion house H&M.
Kate acknowledged that tabloid allegations about her drug use are true and promised in writing to obey the company policy that models be “healthy, wholesome and sound,” H&M confirmed Saturday.
H&M spokesperson Anacarin Bjorne says, “We are very anti-drugs and insist all our models are healthy and sound. What happened is in Kate’s private life, but we are all very disappointed in her. Kate has apologized and was full of remorse for her actions. She has assured us it will not happen again, and we are willing to give her another chance.”
Moss, the star of the H&M autumn-winter collection designed by Stella McCartney, is also the face of Burberry, Christian Dior, Rimmel, H Stern and Chanel. She earns an estimated income of $7.2 million a year from these endorsement deals.
[UPDATE] CNN reports the Swedish clothing company, H&M, had a change of heart, and will in fact walk away from their deal with Kate Moss.

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  • My

    Well done H&M – this is something that has symbolic signs to other kids thinking about drugs

  • jimmy

    I think that kate moss will keep doing coke even though she has apologized. I saw her on TV and she didn’t look too sorry to me. But who the hell cares, all models are OBVIOUSLY cokeHEdS!!!! .

  • jenna

    i love kate moss. and what she does in her own spare time is none of your business. She is a real role model to many girls aspiring to hit it big in the modeling world. Look not at her few failures, but at her many, many successes.

  • Dash

    What a crock of shit jenna… Yeah she’s a real role model telling aspiring models look how I cool I am, I’m a coke addict!

  • Aidahemmati

    after seven years i wanna tell world that i love kate and she is in top 10 models todays too…