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Gwen Yip is an art director from Hong Kong currently working on Yakult at Wieden + Kennedy in London. She has a blog about looking for (and finding) work in the London ad scene. It’s adorable and I’m fascinated by it.
In the frame above Yip shows us Michael Russoff, the Creative Director at Wieden responsible for bringing her on board. Here’s the copy that attends her post:

He likes my personal work where the advertising portfolio is
too commercial or too ‘advertising’ to him.
woo… all the effort to insist working on my own creation
is worth it! It makes me feel a strong emotion.
He suddenly asks…

“What do you want?” That’s what he asks. Not in a mean way. In a tangible yet philosophical way. It’s a great interview question, and one we all need a good answer for.

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