Hire A Copywriter Next Time

Iconic brands with money to burn ought not to miss the ball completely. But sometimes they do. What’re you gonna do?


Take McDonald’s recent effort to introduce the public to Fish McBites, a new menu offering.

Fish McBites are made of Marine Stewardship Council-certified sustainable Alaska pollock. That’s news that needs some ‘splainin’. Wouldn’t you agree?

Yet the brand chose to say, “The catch that’s caught here.” I’m underwhelmed. When launching a new product from the wilds of the ocean, you need taste appeal.

Here, let me help:

  • Line-Caught in Alaska!
  • The Other Other White Meat
  • Small Bites of Big Fish

Let’s also work the sustainability idea in:

  • Millions and Millions Will Not Be Served
  • Sustainably Harvested And Deep Fried
  • Hire a copywriter next time. Bad advertising is bad enough, but bad outdoor advertising is a public nuisance.

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    1. Nice. Hire a writer. Or, better yet, hire a persuader who writes. Clearly many copywriters don’t do that.

    2. What makes you think this isn’t the work of a copywriter—and probably a highly paid one at that? My guess is it came from DDB, Leo Burnett or Arnold.

      • You’re right, Wendy. It was written by a copywriter. Not sure which agency has the Pacific Northwest regional account. I actually heard the radio spot from this campaign in the car today and it makes much more sense in that context. The line is the campaign tagline and the “here” is supposed to indicated the PNW, not just here as in here at McDs.

        So, if I were to revise the headline on this post, it might sat, “Hire A Creative Director, Next Time.”

    3. Agree with you David last time when I believed on my junior content writer to write a professional ad for my product, it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. From that moment I realized to deal with a well trained copy writer who can actually make an ad or well trained professional write-up. From now I am dealing with BillFryerCopyWriter UK that is suggested by one of my known, and I am satisfied with the positive results.