Hilton Throws Don Under Bus, Don Squirms Before He Squeals

In this week’s Mad Men episode, Don underwhelms Connie Hilton when new work for the hotel chain is presented. Hilton asks to speak to Don in private after he’s seen the boards. After everyone files out of the conference room, Don is on the defensive.

Don: This is a good campaign. One of the best. It’s modern. It’s witty. It’s eye catching. It will change your business.
Connie: Calm down. I’m going to speak very honestly with you. I don’t think folks do that often. Probably scared.
Don: Or they trust my work.
Connie: You want me to just say yes to everything you do?
Don: Most admen believe that clients are the thing that gets in the way of good work. I’ve never experienced that.
Connie: You did not give me what I wanted. I’m deeply disappointed, Don.
Don: This is a great campaign.
Connie: Fine. What do you want from me, love? Your work is good, but when I say I want the moon, I expect the moon.

Later, Roger Sterling stops by Don’s office to quiz him on what account people do for a living. He also puts him on notice that he’s in over his head.
Cooper already told these two to kiss and make up in an earlier episode. They better pucker up before big fish start jumping ship.

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