High Praise For Randomness

Rohit Bhargava, of Ogilvy PR has some great things to say about the power of randomness.

What makes random such a powerful marketing tool?

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  1. Random is not Random if Used as a Marketing Tool

    It was about five years ago that my two teenagers started saying things like That was so random or just Random. It was sort of random how the word random entered their vocabulary. Anything that was random caught their attention

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    “The Power of Random for Marketers,” by Rohit Bhargava, Influential Interactive Marketing, 20 July 2005, http://rohitbhargava.typepad.com/weblog/2005/07/the_power_of_ra.html (also at AdPulp). “Conjectures and Refutations,” by Matt McIntosh, Conjecture…