HHCC.Com Gets Comfortable In Its New Skin

In February of 2006, Hill Holiday scrapped their brochureware site in favor of a blog.
Now they’re taking things a little further and I’m intrigued by the way Baba Shetty, Hill Holliday’s Chief Media Officer, describes the agency’s new site:

First, the site is built on a platform that gives us enormous flexibility to create scenarios that vary by user situation.
The site platform is a new toy for us – allowing us to play around with the intersection of web content and user context. Stay tuned as we experiment with it.

“The intersection of web content and user context.” There you have it in a tight little sentence. Content is king, but without context, the kingdom can be a lonely place.

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  1. wow. that site won’t do much for the morale of the nyc office. the only place it appears to be mentioned is on the ‘contact’ page. can’t say i’m surprised.