Here We Go Again

While we probably ought to be more interested in upcoming Super Bowl spots, this political ad caught our eye. Stop Hillary Public Action Committee is working to halt the New York Senator’s path back to the White House. In the video above the PAC catches Iowa Democrats on camera expressing their doubts about her candidacy.
[via Adfreak]

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  • George Parker

    This is done by the same right wing wankers who did the “Swift Boat Liars Against Kerry” crap last time around. My God, do we have nearly two years of this shit to look forward to again? If you go to the web site of these people and read what’s on there, you realize that the primary reason they are against Ms Clinton… Is because her name is Clinton! And don’t get me wrong, I am a Democrat, but I wouldn’t vote for Hillary. Primarily because I think there are better Democratic choices. But also’cos I am damn sure, I’m not going to make up my mind this far out!!! Anyway, between political advertising and all the drug shit out there, the ad biz is becoming a parody of itself. What a way to make a living!!!

  • David Burn

    I titled this post “Here We Go Again” to indicate my disdain for Clinton disdain. Hillary might turn out to be a great President, but I don’t want to see the media barraged by all the Clinton haters again. For better or worse, she’s too polarizing for our own good.