Help On The Way

The best agencies are staffed by people with big ideas. Sadly, most of these ideas are wasted on ads for clueless clients. But, when it can help it, Taxi doesn’t play that game.
To commemorate the shop’s 15th year in the culture-shaping business, they sought a truly big idea, one that would give back to the community. The brief was sent out, and executive creative director, Steve Mykolyn, came back with The 15 Below Project. Its first initiative—a jacket for the homeless.
According to Digital Journal, Mykolyn contacted a college friend, designer Lida Baday, and together they worked on an all-season lightweight weatherproof coat insulated with newsprint.
Taxi will distribute 3,000 coats free of cost in 2008 in the cities where the agency has set up shop, including Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver and New York.
[via Agency Spy]

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  1. Hey, this is great for homeless people, even homefull people. I do have one question: the resiliency
    see the website
    for a defintion.
    Homeless people sleep in their newspapers clothes don’t they?
    And note the difference in elasticity while your at that. That will be on you textile and fiber 101 exam.
    four stars

  2. very cool, high-concept project, i always shudder at altruism used in a self-promotional way, but in this case, i do not feel exploited because the idea is so big